With the introduction of Merge Request workflow in Drupal Gitlab, It is now easier than ever to contribute to Drupal via code.

This article will explain the steps involved in this workflow. This article will even be more helpful to those who want to get started with code contribution. This is because now one requires very less technical setup on their local to start contribution.

If you wish to watch the workflow in action, I’ve created a video also for learning purpose attached below.

Let’s start.

Step 1: Find a Drupal.org issue OR Create one.

The first step is…

I am sure this is a common question for many people and this is obvious also. Why does one need to contribute to Open-Source? I mean, like you do your full-time job and why there is a need to spend extra hours in something which is not giving you anything in return.

In this post, I will share my experiences around Open-Source Contributions, mostly around Drupal. I promise this will be a short post to read.

Celebrate Drupal | Photo by celebratedrupal.org

I would like to begin with disagreement on what I wrote in the first paragraph about not getting something in return. There are a…

Requires content_translation module enabled.

Start by creating a custom module create a folder “mymodule” and inside that module a new file: mymodule.info.yml

name: 'My module'
description: 'Demonstrates making custom configs translatable.'
type: module
core_version_requirement: ^8.8 || ^9

Create a mymodule.routing.yml file.

path: ‘/admin/config/mymodule/config’
_form: ‘Drupal\mymodule\Form\MyModuleConfigForm’
_title: ‘My Module configurations’
_permission: ‘administer site configuration’
_admin_route: TRUE

Lets create a mymodule.links.menu.yml file:

title: ‘My module configurations’
description: ‘Administer my module configurations.’
route_name: mymodule.configure
parent: system.admin_config

Create a task file mymodule.links.task.yml)so that the Translate tab is available on your route:

base_route: mymodule.configure …

First of all, I would like to thank Fabian, Preston & Michael for starting this series “Core Confidential”. This series will talk about the day-to-day life of a Drupal core committer. With this series, we shall also learn about #Drupal9 readiness, Rector, and more stuff about Drupal, from Core committer’s perspective.

With this post, I want to share a few highlights which I wrote down while watching the first Inaugural episode. This post will give you a sneak-peek into what’s inside the episode.

I got to know about this via twitter:


Here are some things you can expect in this video.

… So all the exciting stuff basically has…

COVID-19 has impacted the lives of every individual on this planet. This is a natural human tendency to do something about it. Some draw paintings to spread awareness, some actively support in helping others. Special shoutout to the Frontline fighters who are actually taking care of the sick and others who are helping the healthy population stay healthy and fit.

Thus, being a developer myself, thought of why not I do something about it. Thus this bot.

Follow Bot: https://twitter.com/covbot_19

A twitter bot programmed to send out tweets daily about the latest coronavirus updates for each state in India.


Cheering for #DCP19

Recording my experiences of Drupal Camp Pune before they fade away. If you are connected with me on twitter, you must have seen a spike in my tweets over the weekend of 14th-15th September 2019.

I was privileged to attend this 2-day event and want to admit that my experience of co-presenting a workshop, attending several amazing sessions, meeting old friends and new was great. Had the chance to meet a lot of people from the Drupal community, who were earlier only familiar to me via their usernames. The diversity of the sessions was really impressive. #DCP19 contained sessions for…

I was rushing🏃 downstairs in metro station to catch the next metro which was just entering the platform, saw two ladies at the end of stairs 😮 — I immediately applied brakes and stopped for a second 😌 ... To my surprise, These ladies also stopped quickly, they saw another lady with a baby, they stopped for her... Then that lady with baby also stopped immediately for a person in wheelchair who just happen to cross her path.🙌

Everyone had a quick glance at each other, and had a slight smiling faces☺. All this happened under 2 seconds. 😄Such a Blissful experience 🌻.

Living life in moments is such an awesome thing 😇.

Those 2 seconds made my Day and I hope this short incident of mine made yours. 🙏


Jaideep Singh Kandari

I write #code, not sure about my articles !! ❤️s #Technology #Science #Music #Pets #Drupal … Profession: Senior Engineer at @qed42.

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